Fortunately I have not yet got hooked on Eurorack / Eurocrack / Eurosmack, but I like the format, and have designed, modified and built some units that I have installed in a heavy duty plastic case.

Two rows of 93 HP for modules, and a custom top panel with connectors, and four Voltage Controlled Filters

  • DB9: 8 x MIDI IN
  • DB25: 8 x Stereo Audio Out
  • 8 channel mini jack audio patch bay
  • 2 x jack, audio out
  • USB, 5V socket for lamp
  • Power sockets, DC 24V/15V/12V and AC 15V
  • Huggett, EDP WASP, 12dB multimode filter
  • Kikumoto, Roland TB-303, 18dB LP filter
  • Kuzmin, Polivoks, BP/LP filter
  • Rossum, SSM2044, 24dB LP filter
  • MIDIbox SEQ V4+ Sequencer
  • BLM 16×4, Button Led Matrix
  • TPD, Track Position Display and BPM
  • AOUT_NG, 8 channels of 12 bit Control Voltage
  • OTG, 2 x MIDI IN + 2 x MIDI OUT (USB)
  • 4 x MIDI IN (DIN)
  • 12 x MIDI OUT (DIN), (8 DB9)
  • 8 x trigger outputs


A two channel WAV-file sample player based on a WAV Trigger from Robertsonics. Custom circuit and code. Arduino. The keypad and 7-segment LED-display are reused from a broken Prinztronic Micro calculator from 1973. The design is inspired by this calculator. My moniker and logo is also inspired by this :)

Nintendo DMG-01

With a cartridge flashed with mGB and an Arduinoboy by trash80, this extensively modified Game Boy turns into a four channel synthesizer.

MFB-522 Drumcomputer

Behind the custom designed and manufactured front panel, is a modified MFB-522 Drumcomputer. An all analog drum machine, similar to the Roland TR-808, only tiny compared to the original. I gave it a 808 inspired design and colors, and the tempo goes to 11

MIDIbox SammichSID

Modified SammichSID with custom front panel. A stereo MIDIbox SID V2 synth, with two MOS 6581 SID-chips from the Commodore 64.

MIDIbox SammichFM

Modified SammichFM with custom front panel. A four channel FM-synth, based on the Yamaha YMF262 (OPL3) chip.

MIDIbox SammichSID

Modified SammichSID with custom front panel. A stereo MIDIbox SID V2 synth, with two MOS 8580 SID-chips from the Commodore 64, and Feedback Mod for added Acid Squelch.

Yes, it does sound different ;)


Circuit, code and design from scratch.

MIDI controlled GI SP0256-AL2 speech chip with pitch control. Plays 59 allophones used in the English language. Used in many different 8-bit computers and peripherals from the 80’s to make the computer speak.