New release!
It’s a VHS Video Single, Limited Edition 10 copies
– Pressing Buttons (poached resistor mix)
– Pressing Buttons (fried transistor mix)
If you for some reason don’t have a VHS player, it’s also available as unsaturated digital download or streaming.
spotify, bandcamp etc

The Norwegian government has decided that as the first country in the world, they will close the FM radio broadcast in 2017. As a tribute, it’s composed on a FM synthesizer transmitted and recorded over the FM radio band.

(Sample: Interview with Thor Heyerdahl by Ulrike Arnold, Tenerife 1996. Used with permission.)


My first release is out on Take It Easy Policy
Yes, it’s a Music Cassette (MC) and a Risograph poster, Limited Edition Bundle 30 copies
Anyone for PONG?
Side A:
1. Back in the S.S.R.I.
2. 7-22 in the A.M.
Side B:
Live mix

If you for some strange reason don’t own a Tape player, get the unsaturated digital version from your usual place like Napster