Zoom 1201

A Zoom 1201 multi-effect rack unit, circuit bent and recased in a custom aluminum case. RAM and reclocking mod.

MIDI keyboard

MIDI keyboard recased in an old ATARI ST case.

For some strange reason, this very unit is featured in the documentary film “What We Started” as an example of music equipment used to make Chicago House in the 80’s ?????? :D

Midibox Stereo SID

Stereo Synthesizer based on the SID-chip MOS 8580 from the Commodore 64 and Feedback Mod. Cased in a Commodore plus/4 case, just to mess with you. The plus/4 didn’t have one :D

Multi Synth

Arduino based synthesizer in a Prinztronic Micro Pocket Calculator case, reusing the keypad and 7-segment LED display.

The one on the right is a working original unit.

I am adding, and subtracting
I’m controlling, and composing

Merlin – The Electronic Wizard

Circuit bent toy from 1978 with fascinating sounds.

I have the box!

“He has the box”

Nintendo NES controller

Modified with USB circuit and connector for old school computer gaming.

Eurorack prototype module

Roland TB-303 clone with distortion effect.